No Debt, No Sweat Christian Money Management Seminar

Steve Diggs has presented the No Debt No Sweat! Live Seminar at nearly 500 churches, colleges, conferences, lectureships, conventions, businesses, professional groups, non-profits, and other venues nationwide.
Aimed at 3 groups:

1) The seminar is perfect for the great majority of Christians who are presently in financial turmoil–and overcome by materialism. These people need a successful plan for getting out of debt, controlling their spending, improving their marriages, and learning to do a budget–and begin giving God’s way. No Debt, No Sweat! teaches the importance of bringing Biblical principles to money matters.

2) Also for people who have invested wisely–and are looking for great tips on how to save for college and retirement, teach their kids about money, and learn about Biblical giving.

3) Our unsaved friends. Often people who won’t come to a church service are thrilled to attend a NDNS! Seminar–where they learn about their money and Jesus!

Steve’s style is humorous and upbeat–yet very Biblical. Although Steve deals with tough topics—he always exudes hope and grace. The goal: regular chuckles with an occasional belly laugh.

His positive, hope filled approach is a welcome breath of fresh air for people who are burdened and broken by the stress of too much debt. His approach is confessional because that’s the best way to touch other people who are hurting. Steve speaks to the hearts of people who have too much month left at the end of their money.

Benefits of a No Debt No Sweat! Seminar

A No Debt No Sweat! Seminar shows God’s people how to use God’s money God’s way-Christians are freed from the bondage of “stuffaholism.”

1. Christians learn how kill the Debt Monster -and begin giving like we should by developing spending plans (budgets) that really work.

2. Romance is restored in marriages.

3. People learn to save for college and prepare to retire with dignity.

4. The seminar is also seeker-friendly. It’s an ideal way to reach our unsaved friends. Churches that invite their communities broaden their outreach and build credibility. This approach opens peoples’ hearts to the Ultimate Message.

5. It is both humorous and confessional-yet profoundly Biblical.

6. NDNS! Seminars “softens the beachhead” for churches that may want to offer an on-going small group study in Godly money management.

7. People learn that there is real hope-a brighter future.

Here’s How It Works…

Typically the No Debt No Sweat! Seminar is hosted in a church building or other public venue. Some churches use the seminar simply to minister to their own people. Other churches promote it throughout the neighborhood-or even the city-as an outreach ministry.

Usually the seminar includes 4 sessions:

1) Getting Acquainted: The “Need vs. Greed” Issues

2) The A,B.C’s of Godly Money Management

3) Beating Debt: Getting Out and Staying Out!

4) Getting Ahead: 6 Secrets That Will Change Your Life for the Better – FOREVER!

There are several effective ways to host a No Debt No Sweat! Seminar:

1) 2-Day: Sunday and Monday Evenings-Presenting 2 Sessions each evening. (This format is especially effective for congregations interested in using the seminar for outreach and evangelism, since un-churched people usually don’t want to “crawl out of bed” to go to church on Sunday morning.)

2) 1-Day: An all-day Sunday event is a wonderful way to build church-wide enthusiasm and support. Generally, all-day Sunday events begin by presenting Session #1to a combined (adult and teen) Sunday school. Sessions 2, 3, and 4 usually begin at 5:00pm and conclude around 9:00. (Times often vary based on individual congregations’ needs and desires.)

3) 1-Day: All Four Sessions on Saturday usually from 1:00-6:00 p.m.

4) 2-Day: Same as #2, except we present two sessions each on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

What We Will Discuss in the 4 Sessions…

Session 1) Failure, The First Step to Success

Getting Acquainted is the fellowship, or sharing, session. This is when we begin to realize that we’re all in the same boat. Steve shares the 2 Biblical principles a person must understand in order to get his financial life in order so he can take off like a bullet with a tail wind! He, then, shows the attendees how to begin the journey to financial wellness.

The session also discusses:

• “What Motivates Us To Borrow?” (The Need vs. Greed Equation)
• “How Financial Bondage Saps Our Spiritual Vigor, and Gets Us Off God’s Pathway”
• “Freedom From Materialism”

Session 2) The A, B, C’s of Christian Money Management

Is the heart of the seminar. This is where Steve explains the “A,B,C’s of Godly Money Management:”

“A”cknowledge Who Owns Your Money

• The 3 Great Principles of Godly Giving
• The Blessings of Godly Giving
• The Dangers of Greed and the “Prosperity Theology”

“B”udget Your Money

• Why We Don’t Like To Budget.
• How to Develop Your “Personal Financial Freedom Plan.”
• 9 Keys for a Successful Budget

“C”ontrol Your Money

• Learn the Difference Between “Need Money” and “Seed Money”
• 3 Ways to Achieve Financial Freedom (Without Using A Mask and A Gun!)
• The “Wolf Barrier”-How to Keep the Wolf Away From the Door Permanently!
• Out of debt (not counting your home) in 1 to 4 years!

Session 3) Beating Debt, and Developing Our Budgets

Debt and Credit Cards (Plastic Prosperity or Plastic Explosives?)

• A Biblical Perspective On Borrowing and Debt
• Credit Cards: Plastic Prosperity or Plastic Explosives?
• A 7-Step Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Kit
• 4-Step Plan–Get Rid of Your Car Loan FOREVER!

Session 4) Getting Ahead: Following the Lead of Successful People

The Future: Saving, Investing, and Getting Ready For Retirement

• The 6 Secrets of the Great Investors
• How Mutual Funds Work
• Retiring From Your Job Without Retiring From God
• The Difference Between God’s and Satan’s Investment Approaches

The Blessing Your Church or Group Will Receive By Hosting A No Debt No Sweat! Seminar

In recent years teachers learned they could live like tycoons, bakers found they could hobnob with bankers, and roofers masqueraded as the rich. It was all made possible by an over-abundance of credit cards and an occasional home equity loan thrown in for good measure. Today our society is awakening with a financial hangover.

In recent years total household debt exceeded 100% of disposable income for the first time since the Great Depression. The plastic prosperity our credit cards represented yesterday has become the great plastic explosive of today. Today many families are spending 20% of their income paying off short-term debt! Surveys indicate money problems are the leading cause of divorce in America. Today, many college students are graduating with so much school, car, and credit card debt—they will never be out of debt again unless they make an immediate U-turn!

His work within the church (teaching Christian money management and debt counseling) has shown Steve that God’s people are in the same money jam our secular friends face. As a matter of fact, our plight may actually be worse. Christians struggling with money problems are often fearful of being found out. So, they hide their struggles.

Frequently, they’re in denial-and we’re not talking about the river in Egypt! We’re talking about a dysfunctional lifestyle that depletes spiritual vigor and zeal for the Lord’s work. And, the devil loves it!  Money trouble is the “Great Secret Sin” of today’s church!

A No Debt, No Sweat! Seminar teaches Christians how to free themselves from the bondage of financial pain. Attendees learn how over-spending is frequently a spiritual issue. Often we are trying to fill the holes in our hearts with stuff. Yet, with closer examination, we see that these holes are shaped exactly like Jesus-and, nothing else will fill them.

What you will get…

Each participate in the 4-session seminar will receive a No Debt No Sweat! Seminar Workbook to enhance the learning experience and facilitate at-home study and follow-up.

What Does It Cost?

No Debt No Sweat! Seminars are an outreach ministry of the Antioch Church in Nashville, Tennessee, where Steve Diggs serves as a minister. While there is a fee for the seminar and the workbooks, it is flexible based on size, financial abilities, and other considerations.

For information about scheduling a No Debt, No Sweat! Christian Money Management Seminar at your church please email or call 615.300.8263!



Debt Problems?

You are not alone! Debt problems don’t just happen to uneducated folks. Bright, suave, business tycoons and financiers fall into the debt trap. Borrowing, and the associated problems it can bring, affects people in all walks of life. Today, if you’re struggling with debt, I want you to know that you’re not alone—not by a long shot. The average family carrying credit card debt probably owes a little over $11,000. The good news is, there is hope!


About the Seminar

Steve’s No Debt No Sweat! teachings on Christian money management have had a profound effect on people around the world. People are learning to live within their means. Some are able to give more. Marriages are closer. Others have learned how to avoid bankruptcy. Instead of pandering to the “wealth and prosperity” teachings that are so popular today, Steve gives clear, simple, practical solutions with a Biblical base. This stuff really works!

About the Seminar




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