Money Boot Camp Endorsements

“Our church’s giving has gone up! In these tough economic times, the No Debt No Sweat! Boot Camp has enriched members’ lives like nothing we’ve ever done before—very effective and has blessed us! The class members are getting rid of debt.. Relationships are improving and people are at more peace. We’re now starting our 2nd Boot Camp—thanks!”
– Michael Wood, Elder, Bouldercrest Church of Christ, Atlanta

“We’re just finishing (the No Debt No Sweat! Boot Camp), it has been great! It’s reinforced a lot of things…it’s a more intimate…we get to share successes and challenges. The Boot Camp brings it all together!”
– Charlie Johanson, Adult Education,Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ, Austin

“The No Debt No Sweat! Boot Camp is going great. We have about 50 people taking the class. There are 3 or 4 couples from the community. I think it’s really helpful, useful, and beneficial both for individuals and the church as a whole.”
– Don Kuhn, Minister, Burleson Church of Christ, Dallas area

“Our first NDNS! Boot Camp is filled and we’re scheduling another class in the near future.”
– Dr. Owen Corwin, Facilitator, New Beginnings Church of Christ

“My wife and I attended you seminar and subsequently facilitated a (NDNS! Money Boot Camp) class. We have paid off our credit cards and medical bills in quick order and are now running a budget surplus. It’s been a big blessing!”
– Couple from Fort Walton Beach

“We have conducted 2 sessions of the No Debt No Sweat! Boot Camp…24 individuals have completed the sessions…several couples have taken this material very seriously and are working toward getting debt free. The NDNS! Boot Camp has been a very real blessing to our congregation.”
– Bill Breitschopf, Elder and Boot Camp Facilitator, Bertram Church of Christ

“We here at the church of Christ at Richlands, will be completing our first No Debt No Sweat
Boot Camp class. I have served as the facilitator and will be graduating about 17 students. God Bless and thanks for everything.”
– Nate Moon, Richlands Church of Christ, Richlands, NC

(Received one month later) “We have completed our first Boot Camp. We had 16 students successfully complete the course. Graduation was held on (Sunday). I gave a special sermon on ‘From Debt to Discipline, 2 Kings 4:1-7’. Everyone was so happy and really enjoyed your finance materials.”
– Nate Moon, Richlands, NC

“Thanks for your help. Your course is great! I am a Shepherd at the Sonrise Church of Christ (and) an accountant by profession.”
– Marcus Austin, Shepherd, Sonrise Church of Christ, Gainesville, Texas

“Our first Boot Camp went very well with good class attendance and participation. It was really a ‘support meeting’…to achieve financial freedom. Your program provides the track to run on. I am looking forward to receiving the new Boot Camps.”
– Philip Hurst, Riverside Church of Christ, Gassville, Arkansas

“It’s great! It’s helping people—no doubt about it!.”
– Philip Hurst, Gassville, Arkansas (At the start of their 2nd class.)

“We…used Steve’s Money Boot Camp material, and it was outstanding. It was a great follow up to the seminar.”
– Jim Clay, Family Minister, Glendale Christian Church

“Fabulous! (The No Debt No Sweat! Money Boot Camp) was a fabulous experience…great attendance. We had zero negative response…(it was) extremely successful!”
– Peter Gunn, Elder, Round Rock Church of Christ, Texas (Austin area)

“The No Debt No Sweat! Boot Camp was and is a big blessing. We started with 36 people in the class and 34 completed it. The class is very informative and I would take it again.”
– Kevin Roberts, Deacon/Class Leader/Professional Tax Preparer, Laurel Street Church of Christ, San Antonio

“Everyone can’t stop saying great things about the seminar. We start our first Boot Camp class tonight with around 70 people. We already have 14 signed up for the upcoming fall class.”
– Richard & Cynthia Fancher, Education, Sugar Grove Church of Christ, Houston

“The Waterview church was an enthusiastic audience for this series. But we were more than good listeners, we also had an eye-opening number of folks who enrolled in the follow-up No Debt No Sweat! Boot Camp class.”
– Robert Oglesby, Senior Minister, Waterview Church of Christ, Dallas, TX

“”Folks are starting to go nuts over ways to offer the NDNS! Boot Camp to people inside and especially outside the church family. Habitat for Humanity is chomping at the bits. Thanks!”
– Jim Dennison, Minister, Frederick Church of Christ, Maryland

“Thanks for the NDNS! Boot Camp. We have had a tremendous response to the class and the material. (We) are excited about the information and the folks attending have really gained some valuable information and are beginning to put it to practical use. Thanks for all you do.”
-Doug Williams, Boot Camp Facilitator, Mount Juliet Church of Christ, Tennessee

“…everybody is really enjoying the (No Debt No Sweat! Money Boot Camp) and getting a lot out of your material…there are some great questions, sharing, and provocative discussion as to how to change our individual situations. People are obtaining answers both from what you’ve put together and from the failures/successes or others in the class. Keep up the great work.”
-Ron Nelson, Minister, Randolph Church of Christ, Randolph, New Jersey

“Our class is going very well. Members come with great enthusiasm and have commented that it is making a difference…attendance has been good…Thanks for all you do.”
-Charles Hancock, CPA (Chief Financial Officer) & Class Facilitator, Tulsa, OK

“My wife and I have been so incredibly blessed since attending Steve’s No Debt No Sweat! last summer. We decided to finally financially grow up and stop making the same old mistakes. Steve…gave us the tools we needed to pay off over $4500 in credit card and medical bills, and for the first time in our marriage we actually have savings. The real difference for us was finding ways to bring in extra income. We would never go back to our old life of month to month stress. Thanks a ton!”
-Curtis Seright, Minister/ Class Leader, Fort Walton Beach Church of Christ, Florida

“My wife and I have taken the (NDNS! Boot Camp)…and its working. Thanks for your ministry.”
-Garry Barnes, Class Leader, Florissant Church of Christ, St. Louis

“We had 16 families sign up for our first NDNS! Boot Camp…Keep up the good work.”
-Mike Meadows, Minister, College Avenue Church of Christ, Arkansas

“My wife Rita and I are in the NDNS! Money Boot Camp class and are very encouraged and are actually excited about working our Personal Financial Freedom Plan…to prove we can do it with God’s help.”
-Mike Winegardener, Church Treasurer, Richland Church of Christ, WA

“…The enthusiasm you conveyed enabled us as a church to establish a stewardship ministry which will continue to teach biblical stewardship principles to our church and the community. We are currently offering (NDNS! Boot Camp) Bible studies…I appreciate all you’re doing to teach Christians how to view and manage God’s money.”
-James Mihills, Stewardship Ministry Leader, Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ, Dallas

“One of our classes has been (using the NDNS! Money Boot Camp). It has been very positive…Things keep getting better and better!”
-Chris Crooks, Minister, Great Falls Church of Christ, Montana

“We are doing great! We have 23 total…with 3 not in the body…Everyone is really excited and on track…we’ve set a debt-o-meter with a goal to reduce the class’ debt by $20,000 over the next 8 weeks.”
-Greg Palmer, Class coordinator, Atlanta

“My wife and I have taken the class and are working hard to follow the guide lines that you provided for us to follow, and it’s working.”
-Garry Barnes, Class Attendee

“The class was great, just wish I had this information in high school to apply it to my first job. I would be in a better condition to give.”
-Young man

“The class was very helpful in learning how to spend and save. It gave me ideas on where to begin and where I could start eliminating my bills. I can already see results.”
-Christian woman

“You ‘caaaan’ be your own boss about one’s finances and be happy. (The NDNS! Class was) interesting and encouraging. (It’s helping) me to be focused and stay on course.”
-Lady from southern state

“My husband and I put forth an action plan. One of the many benefits of the No Debt No Sweat Boot Camp was learning how to incorporate the biblical principles of godly giving through prayer, budgeting, and managing my money more effectively.”
-Wife and mother

“The class was very informative and the small group is great. (It taught me to) focus ont eh way we spend our money and to help us construct a family budget. Its never to late to start…”
– Husband, active Christian

“I learned how not to spend money needlessly and save for what I need, and pay in cash. I’ve learned the value of saving for my future.”
– Christian mother

“(Steve Diggs’) personal touch was a kind of wind in our sails to launch our financial ship! I have scrapped my old way of doing financial business! The class really hit home with me…”
-Christian husband

“I didn’t know where to start until I participated in the No Debt No Sweat! course. I think differently today than I did a few months ago. To manage your income doesn’t require any special degrees. All that is required is a little basic knowledge and a willingness to change one’s behavior.”
-Woman in North Carolina

“This is a very good class to teach people how to get where they want to be just by following a few simple steps and most of all by putting God first. Reading the book, listening to the CD’s and then reinforced with the video plus class discussion really helped the main points stick with you. The information was very beneficial to me.”
– Howard, young Christian man

“The information was beneficial to me; especially in purchasing an automobile and paying off a home mortgage. The class was well written and organized.” 

“I really enjoyed your seminar and so did my wife. I can’t wait for the 13 week series to start.”
-John from Houston

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About the Seminar

Steve’s No Debt No Sweat! teachings on Christian money management have had a profound effect on people around the world. People are learning to live within their means. Some are able to give more. Marriages are closer. Others have learned how to avoid bankruptcy. Instead of pandering to the “wealth and prosperity” teachings that are so popular today, Steve gives clear, simple, practical solutions with a Biblical base. This stuff really works!

About the Seminar




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