Retooled and Refueled Seminar

Retooled and Refueled Seminar


The Essential Christian Life-Skills Seminar

The Full 5-Session Seminar on CD’s

This is the entire seminar that will leave you retooled and refueled—able to enjoy an abundant, productive, hope-filled future.

You will learn to eat your problems for breakfast—and stop listening to the “noise” of the world.

Price: $39

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Session #1: Starting Strong & Re-Defining Success
3 Vital Keys to Lasting Success; The “Information + Motivation” Matrix; How to be a credible Christian in a tough world.

Session #2: Effective Conflict Resolution (overcoming the Junk that Separates Us)
Based on Jesus’ simple statement, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” Steve teaches an entirely new way to restore tranquility in all of our relationships: marriage, kids, work, and church. You will learn how to go from conflict—not simply to compromise—but to true consensus. How to mediate a dispute. And, a lesson from Deputy Barney Fife.

Session #3: The Fine Art of Mentoring
How to have a marriage that last—and kids who don’t! 6 Characteristics of effective mentors. How to be a great mentor—and how to find a mentor of your own. The “Dad Factor.” The Great Secret: “Possibility Thinking”

Session #4: The 8 Keys to a Worry-Free Money Life
Money: How to Get It, Give It, & Grow It. Money and marriage: 4 important reminders. “Toe-Checker” Husbands. The 3 false beliefs that kills us financially. Money-saving “Though Sparklers.” Getting it right with the kids. Dealing with the unexpected. Plan a future filled with hope.

Session #5: Brand YOU—Finding Your Life’s Stepping Stones
This is Steve’s favorite session. You will learn how to communicate your life message to your spouse, children—those you love and lead. How to be “heard” by those who count. Finding your “Essential Target Market.” 2 ways to share your life story. Becoming “Mentally Ambidextrous.” How advertising techniques can help you communicate.

Price: $39

Note: If you wish to have Steve autograph your book, state that in the “instructions to seller” area after you click the “add to cart” button.


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Debt Problems?

You are not alone! Debt problems don’t just happen to uneducated folks. Bright, suave, business tycoons and financiers fall into the debt trap. Borrowing, and the associated problems it can bring, affects people in all walks of life. Today, if you’re struggling with debt, I want you to know that you’re not alone—not by a long shot. The average family carrying credit card debt probably owes a little over $11,000. The good news is, there is hope!


About the Seminar

Steve’s No Debt No Sweat! teachings on Christian money management have had a profound effect on people around the world. People are learning to live within their means. Some are able to give more. Marriages are closer. Others have learned how to avoid bankruptcy. Instead of pandering to the “wealth and prosperity” teachings that are so popular today, Steve gives clear, simple, practical solutions with a Biblical base. This stuff really works!

About the Seminar




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Recently I witnessed a different type of goodbye kiss. It occurred between a mother and her daughter, and was one of the most touching goodbye kisses ever. Actually, it wasn’t a physical kiss at all. Instead it was the way Sandra (not her real name) said goodbye to her 14-year old daughter, Bonnie.


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Eat Your Problems for Breakfast

Learn to Eat Your Problems for Breakfast with these Christian Life Skills. – Although the name of this article is inspired by a book title from twenty years ago, I still love that little phrase. One of the most human of all the things we do is try to avoid pain…





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